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Dingač Wine

TZO Orebić

The Dingač wine variety is far from just an ordinary wine, it has become a status and religious symbol, a holy liquid, based on the tradition of wine making in this region.

Postup Wine

TZO Orebić

Postup is a top-quality red wine with a geographical origin that is created from the grapes of the Plavac Mali variety, exclusively from the location of Postup, on the southern slopes of the Pelješac peninsula.

Wine and gastronomic offer

TZO Orebić

And when you lose your breath both due to weariness and beauty, it is time for a break. You can spend it over homemade Dalmatian specialties. The Mediterranean delicacies specific for Orebić should by all means be fulfilled with a glass of good wine.  The town of Potomje is specific for being a place where the Dingač wine,the first Croatian wine protected on an international level, that is the first Croatian red wine, is produced.   The Peljašac vineyards of “Plavac mali” grow along the protected steep zone right by the sea.  And the very Pelješac peninsula lays the cradle of the first class Croatian wines Dingač and Postup. You, therefore, simply must treat you palates to the pleasure of experiencing that unique taste.

Pelješac – the Empire of Wine

TZO Orebić

Tourist Road "Peninsula - the Empaire of Wine" has more than 100 participants:
22 wineries
18 wine tasting rooms
1 wine bar
8 agritourism
2 shellfish farms
3 manufacturers of souvenirs
5 examples of significant heritage
7 other offer (such as biking and hiking paths ...)
40 restaurants (as associate members)

Pelješac wines - Plavac Mali

TZO Janjina

To come to Pelješac, and not to visit the Pelješac vineyards and not to indulge your palate with the pleasure of tasting the famous red wines is simply impossible. 


TZO Ston

Position of the peninsula and its Adriatic climate type, pleasant Mediterranean, largely caused by the development of primarily wine and olive oil on the peninsula...