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TZO Orebić

Town where you will certainly get some well-deserved rest..

Orebić is a town of sea-captains. With its ideal position, it is located in the perfect spot for your vacation. On your vacation in Orebić you can: - swim - bask in the sun - visit the Maritime Museum - visit the Franciscan monastery with one of the most beautiful observation towers on the Mediterranean - hike.. Orebić is a town where you will certainly get some well-deserved rest!


TZO Orebić

The small fishing town is located at the very end of the Pelješac peninsula, opposite the Island Of Hvar. Today Lovište is a favourite tourist destination of all visitors who seek a quiet vacation. Also, because of its natural sheltered position, Lovište bay is a shelter for numerous sailing boats and yachts during the summer. Sites to visit include: - Church of Mary's Heart from 1885 - numerous small coves (Pržna, Česminova, Križica, Rasoha, Bezdija) with beaches - Mirce hamlet


TZO Orebić

Located in a spacious cove westward of the Cape Sveti Liberan

Viganj is located in a spacious cove westward of the Cape Sveti Liberan. Today, Viganj is best-known for its offering in active tourism, surfing and kiting. The mistral wind in this region has created a miracle and a top Croatian destination for surfers.


TZO Orebić

Village and anchorage on Pelješac peninsula

Village and anchorage on Pelješac peninsula, about 6 km west of Orebić. Shady pebble beaches, clear sea, sailing, surfing, restaurant with native specialties and famous Pelješac wines are ideal for a pleasant vacation. What to see? - captain's houses right by the sea and stone boat moorings - Lazarević baroque palace - crkvice Holy Trinity, St. Ann, St. Lawrence churches - cemetery and church of St. Luke from XIV. century. - vlake - small harbours made of stone - above Kućište hiking trails lead to the old settlements Zukovac and Bilopolje

Stankovići - Mokalo

TZO Orebić

Mokalo is located 4 km east of Orebić on the southern side of Pelješac in the form of terraces along the Pelješac road, surrounded with vineyards and dense pine forest. It has a beautiful sandy beach. It is an atractive village for excursions and bathing. Beautiful beaches, clear blue sea and centennial scented pine forests, give an unforgetable dalmatian ugodaj atmosphere to the Pelješac riviera.

Postup - Donja Banda

TZO Orebić

Postup from the air

Postup is home to the famous Pelješac red wine of the same name. Donja Banda is a town that is part of the Orebić municipality. It consists of several hamlets: Postup, Prizdrina, Zakamenje, Županje selo, Zakotorac, Golubinica, Košarni doL and Zagruda. These hamlets are a historically significant part of the peninsula with small churches, cemeteries, Illyrian burial stone heaps and a specific construction method of houses.

Podobuće - Borje

TZO Orebić

Beach in Podobuće

Small romantic village on the southern shore of Pelješac peninsula. According to the legend, during the times of the Dubrovnik Republic St. Andrew's church was built here around which a village later expanded, which, today, is a favoured excursion site and tourist oasis. There is a nice beach in the town center and many more smaller beaches in the vicinity. Sea is very clean and suitable for bathing and various watersports, while the western part of the villeage is ideal far walking, with a beautiful view of the landscape.


TZO Orebić

Potomje is home to the best-known Croatian red wine: Dingač. Old settlement located in the central part of Župe Pelješka 300m above sea level, 2,5 km away from the sea, 15 km south-east from Orebić, known for ideal conditions, fresh nights, pleasent for a summer vacation. Located in the western part of the Dingač grape growing area, it is the center of production of some of the best croatian red wines (Dingač, Postup, Plavac). Because of easier access to the southern slopes overlooking the sea from Potomje, 400m long tunnel was constructed which is also an excellent tourist attraction. After leaving the tunnel road leads to the small settlement on the coast, right to the Potočina, or left to Borak. Both settlements are ideal for vacation and give unforgetable atmosphere surrounded by pine forest and clear sea in a fishing ambient.


TZO Orebić

Oskorušno, settlement in the center inland of the Pelješac peninsula. It is located on the main road of the peninsula. Prapratna is located on hte northern coast of Pelješcac peninsula, opposite of the river Neretva mouth. This virgin landscape has been because of it's unaccesibillity and isolation known to locals until recently.


TZO Orebić

Small town in the interior of Pelješac

Kuna is a small town in the interior of Pelješac. Visit the Church of Our Lady Delorita, the Franciscan monastery and its gallery of paintings and works of art by Mato Celestin Medović and Father Ambroz Testena.

And for relaxation, visit the Kuna donkey farm and enjoy the experiences of authentic Dalmatia.

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